Primary Teacher Badli New Rules Declare 26-10-2020

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The rules of transfer of upper primary teacher / education assistant, primary teacher / education assistant have been published by the resolution under reference 1 dated 23-05-2012 of this department. Subsequent amendments to the resolutions under reference 2 to 12 have been published.

Submission from the letter under reference (13) of the General Administration Department dated 27-08-2018 to make provision for the same benefits to the non-transferable employees of the Gujarat Public Service Commission of the provisions made under reference (8) dated 27-04-2016 of this department. This section was received.


Subsequently, the Director, Office of Primary Education, from the letter dated 09-07-2020 with reference (14) to make necessary amendments in Chapter (b) (4) of the resolution dated 18-12-2014 of this section and on the single file under reference (15). With the note dated 08-09-2020, it is proposed to make necessary amendments in the resolution dated 23-05-2012 of this section.