Taluka wise list of service books of primary teachers remaining for pay binding verification

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Taluka wise list of service books of primary teachers remaining for pay binding verification.
  • List of pending academic assistants for consecutive jobs.
  • List of first higher pay scale
  • List of Second Higher Salary Standard
  • List of third higher pay scale
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The Commission notes that the entry level qualifications of Radiographers in Railways, placed in GP2800, are similar to that of Radiographers of Central Government hospitals. The Commission recommends replacement pay scales for them.

4.5 In general, appointment of officers to a functional grade is by Selection as it involves promotion to a higher level of responsibility. On the other hand, appointment to the Non-Functional Selection Grade is by seniority subject of fitness. This is so because the purpose of introducing a non-functional Selection Grade is to mitigate the hardships caused to officers due to stagnation and no change of command is involved.

as those of the next lower grade, i.e. JAG. Such selection grade is given to a specified number of officers in the JAG under certain conditions and does not involve a change of command. As per decisions taken by Government in the light of the Fourth Central Pay Commission’s recommendations, the revised orders regarding non-functional selection grade (Rs.14300-18300) will apply to the organised Group `A’ Civil Cadres and the orders will apply to such cadres uniformly. Secondly, there will be no functional selection grade in such cadres.

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