SSC Exam 2021 Model paper Maths Model practice paper 5 pdf Download

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SSC Exam 2021 Model paper Maths Model practice paper 5 pdf Download

Science Journal is the free digital science book brought to you by Google. The app gives students and STEM teachers a powerful toolbox of science equipment on devices they already use.

Google's Science Journal is an excellent app for science. It records your progress as you do various things. It may not be in-depth enough for the every day researcher. However, it's more than good enough for students, kids, and some scholars. You record science experiments, progress, observations, and data as usual. This app also lets you use sensors on your Android phone to record data as well. In that, Science Journal is unique. Users can access a phone’s built-in accelerometer, light meter, and other sensors to measure the world around you by this amazing app. You can also use Google Play Books to download science ebooks, audiobooks and more.

The official NASA app (Android, iOS) keeps you up to date on the latest space news, features, and images from America's space exploration agency.

Users can read up on the latest NASA missions, watch video on demand mini documentaries and stream NASA TV, check out a schedule of the latest launches and countdown clocks, and view a variety of fantastic phots such as the Earth As Art collections. Users can save videos and photos into their favorites for later viewing or to their device for use as wallpapers.

This anatomy app is incredible and provides hours of fun interactive entertainment as well as high quality educational content. The layered system of the human body and the attention to detail is signifiant within the app. Students can try feeding the human and see what happens, the gurgling stomach and strange intestine noises are great. The app is available in 5 languages and this is simply the best app to learn about the human body.

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