Gujarat order to close all schools colleges coronavirus

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In the midst of Corona's growing transition, news for the education world has come as big news. The state government has officially announced the closure of offline education in schools and colleges in 8 municipalities till April 10.
  • Corona transition increased in Gujarat
  • 8 Order to close schools and colleges in Manpa till April 10
  • In other districts students will be able to go to voluntary school
  • Students of all levels will be given online education

Corona's transition was increasingly confusing to students attending school-colleges. Then an important decision has been taken by the government regarding schools and colleges. 8 Students of all levels will be taught online in schools and colleges in Manpa. Offline education in 8 Manpani schools and colleges has been ordered to be stopped from tomorrow till April 10. Examinations can be given online in Manpani schools and colleges. While in other districts students will be able to go to voluntary school. The decision was taken after a discussion on the idea at a meeting of government and officials in Corona.

The examination schedule of the university will be announced anew
Adequate examinations have been postponed till now when the examinations of the university started from today. The university has now announced a new timetable. The university, on the other hand, has decided to continue hostels.

Importantly, Corona's case was demanded by the growing parent-organizations. Parents were worried as Corona's case was increasing among students and teachers. There was also confusion over whether to send the children to school.

The Chief Minister indicated that the decision would be taken at the meeting
Regarding the growing number of corona cases in the state, CM Rupani said in a statement that there is no consideration of lockdown in the state at present. The decision on whether to continue the schools will be taken in the evening. The schools will be decided in the evening meeting. Corona's cases have been on the rise for the past 15 days. Vaccination has been doubled. Corona testing has also been increased. 60 thousand tests will be done every day. Tracing operations are also being carried out.

Gujarat Board of Governors made a presentation to close schools
The Gujarat Wali Mandal has also come under attack as the Corona case is on the rise in Ahmedabad. The Gujarat Board of Governors had written a letter to the Education Minister requesting to keep the school closed for 20 days. Along with this, the parents demanded that the school be closed and only the final examination be held and the parents submit to the education minister to pass the grading marks. Along with this, 192 students in Surat and also a large number of students in Ahmedabad were infected with Korona, according to the Gujarat Guardian Board.


Offline education was closed for 7 days in Surat

Offline education in tuition classes, schools and colleges was also closed for 7 days in Surat from yesterday. Class administrators have closed classes after the decision of Surat Manpa. Most of the tuition classes have been closed in Surat. With the closure of tuition classes, online education will start from today. On the other hand, offline education was also discontinued in schools and colleges.