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Welcome to Labster - the mobile app that will help you become a master in the lab and improve your marks!

By giving you exclusive access to an award-winning, fully equipped virtual laboratory, Labster's virtual labs strive to create spaces where science is 100% interactive by focusing on applied knowledge techniques to boost school learning and help you prepare for your exams.

Users have the opportunity to complete simulations of experiments within the online labs that would otherwise demand millions of dollars of equipment. Instead, you can benefit from the experiential aspect of learning by taking on the role of the scientist yourself, but without taking on the expense (or even danger) of the materials, resources, and space that this would normally require. 

Can you imagine carrying a multi-million-dollar laboratory… in your pocket?

Labster may seem like it fell out of a Sci-Fi movie, but in fact, it is the answer to prayers you may have never known you had.

Labster is a one-of-a-kind academic resource that is sure to be the saving grace for any student looking to get an edge in the sciences, achieve higher marks, build skills through applied knowledge, and of course, ace those exams!

We're currently focused on Grades 9 - 12, but looking to expand even further!

  • Replicable experiments to help build both conceptual and procedural understanding
  • Immersive molecular animations and cellular respiration models (Biology)
  • Case study stories that you can actively solve
  • Bonus theoretical content directly linked to the content of the unit you are studying
  • Visual simulations of advanced, high-tech machinery that you can virtually use
  • Pop quizzes to test your acquired and retained knowledge
  • Reinforcement of techniques used in real university lab protocols
  • Access to help with CBSE syllabus
  • Your own virtual lab assistant, Dr. One, to help you along the way!
Labster is the science app that prepares students to be ready for the fruitful careers that lie before them. It ignites the excitement that drives innovation, not just replication.

Science isn’t a dusty topic, but rather the pursuit of technological development and discovery itself. For this reason, Labster is designed to give all students access to these experiential insights -not just those fortunate enough to be let into a lab.

Labster believes that those “EUREKA” moments matter, and we want you to have them, so don’t wait to bring science to life!