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 Pat & Sat Students Wise Report丨Donwload Useful For All 

Today's man does not fail to accuse even God. On the strength of the intellect that God has given it wisdom, it wants to deny God itself.

It is often heard from the mouth of people that God also discriminates. Gave so much to others, gave us nothing. Happiness to others gave us so much sorrow. In the Gita, God says that

Samohan sarvabhuteshu namo dwaiseyosti na darling:

O Arjuna, I never discriminate anyone nor is any creature special to me.

I have the potential to be everyone, but in spite of this, a person with good conduct, always engaged in religious rituals, serving my saints - Vaishnavas and loving me, becomes my favorite!

Corona's story from Ottle of Experience

Humble request.
Given the current situation, the Corona phase in Gujarat is proving to be more serious and disastrous than last year's Corona phase. Despite all the efforts made by the government, the situation seems to be serious. All the private and government hospitals in Gujarat are full. Are you aware of the fact that there is an ambulance outside the hospitals or the line of corpses in the graveyard through TV or any other medium?

At present, our society is mostly living in villages and away from the congested areas, it has survived the catastrophic disaster of Lakhmaji Maharaj.How to Check SAT - PAT Marks Online?
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But in the future, if the people of the society are not careful, there is no doubt that this corona will flood the society. Due to the coming month of April and May, our society will have many weddings, mamera, ramel, katha, havan or other public event. In which the guideline of the government has approved only 20 persons. But no matter how much vigilance is exercised in any program planned in our society, I do not like the fact that less than 500 people get together when there is no room for doubt.

My message is not to postpone or interrupt anyone's events but I am watching the current situation closely. I have seen many of my healthy friends tragically leave this colorful world without any other illness of any kind. Many friends who work with me in this situation are fighting for the last breath of life against this corona transition. So many officers have fallen in love with God only at the age of 5 to 20 years, which clearly shows the big difference between last year's Corona and this year's Corona. Last year's Corona only overwhelmed people over 40 years of age, but this time God only liked it. Through these words, even the youth have reached Vaikutha by saluting this funny world.

Over the last few days many friends may have had remedial injections or ventilators arranged in hospitals who are legitimately trying to save their relatives by any means and at this time we can do nothing but create self-loathing.

After such a long article above, I would like to present to you the whole point of my talk. If you understand, do not plan any social event for the next two months or until this difficult situation comes to an end, even if you have planned an event in advance. Negotiating to save the family from this predicament on both sides should be considered as a matter of priority if your occasion can be postponed for some time, otherwise the momentary joy of the occasion celebrated with joy for your happiness today when any personal relative of your Because when he leaves you forever and becomes dear to God, there will be nothing left except repentance with you and homage to words. You will have to live with this matter for the rest of your life. If you have decided on a topic that cannot be postponed despite your current efforts, then the program should be decided by the members of the dhar, which is likely to be attended by a large number of people who are happy with the current situation.

My intention is not to hurt anyone's feelings or disturb anyone's context but society is my family which I need to share my experience with everyone if it can be saved from the situation to come. Due to my negligence towards Corona or due to office work, I have also become a victim of this Corona. With the blessings of your survey, I have recovered quickly.

But I am currently on duty at the place where the fight against Corona is taking place. I have seen the current situation closely. The government is making a lot of efforts but now the society needs to wake up. As a citizen of the society, I hope that every sensible person of the society will think deeply about this matter and save the family and the society from the clutches of the vicious protector of the black corona.


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Nothing is more important to us right now than the celebration of blood passing through the beating heart and the celebration of breathing in the lungs

Oh my God, when will this game be over, now you show it quickl.
Come somewhere on earth or else make us God !!