Cabinet Approves 28% DA Hike, Check How Much Your Salary Will Increase | Download PDF And Excel File For Counting.

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Cabinet Approves 28% DA Hike, Check How Much Your Salary Will Increase | Download PDF And Excel File For Counting.

For maximum recovery, the hard drive must be handled by specially trained professionals in humidity, temperature, and the contaminant-controlled environment – commonly known as a Cleanroom. For complicated tasks such as physical damages or undetected hard drive, the recovery process is complex and needs specialized equipment and skills.

Data Which Can’t be Recovered
Although some service providers may claim 100% recovery is possible, you as the buyer need to understand that even with the latest equipment and advanced technology such figures are impossible to achieve. Similarly, there are some situations where data recovery is not possible. For example-

If the data was overwritten with new data, it can’t be recovered
Data can’t be recovered from a smartphone that has been factory reset.
In case of physical damage to the hard drive, if the data has been physically scrapped from the platter, it can’t be recovered.

List of Top Data Recovery Service Providers

Comparison of Top Five Recovery Companies
  1. Stellar Data Recovery
  2. Ontrack
  3. Gillware
  4. SalvageData Recovery
  5. Drivesavers
  6. Secure Data
  7. Seagate In-Lab Recovery
  8. WeRecoverData
  9. Disk Doctors
  10. DataTech Labs
  11. SERT
  12. Data Mechanix
  13. Ace Data Recovery
Why We Need Data Recovery Service
Sensitive information stored on these devices is not secure unless you take regular backups. Data stored on any storage device is prone to damages due to wear and tear of the mechanical parts in these devices, mishandling, or various other reasons. Facing a data loss situation either for professional or personal data is no fun.

Professional data recovery service is the process of recovering inaccessible, lost, corrupted or formatted data from various storage devices such as Hard Disk Drives (HDD), Solid State Drives (SDD), USB Drives, External Hard Drives, mobile phones, etc.

There can be multiple reasons for a storage device failure such as:
Virus attack
Physical damage
Mechanical failure
Natural disasters such as fire and flood
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Data Which Can be Recovered
It is important to understand that the data which is accidentally deleted or formatted still exists on the hard drive somewhere. Only the storage space where the data was stored is marked as available to store the new data.

Hence, data recovery is possible from such a storage device. The important point is to stop using the drive. It is also possible in case the hard drive is not detecting, inaccessible, or has physical damages.

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If your hard drive is making a scraping, tapping, clicking or humming sounds, please do not use any recovery software it might damage the drive further.
Do not change electronic components as this may cause permanent data loss.

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When your hard drive or any other storage device becomes inaccessible, or there is any physical damage to it, it is crucial that you don’t panic. In this situation, you should know what you should NOT do rather than what you should do. While facing data loss, please refrain from the following:

Do not tamper with or mishandle the storage device. This is one of the primary causes of permanent data loss.

Do not format the storage device, it might make data recovery more difficult.

Do not store any new data on the storage device. It will overwrite the old data and will make recovery impossible.