Check list for proposal to provide assistance of Rs. 25 lakhs to their dependent family in case of death of infected employee丨officers while on duty

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Check list for proposal to provide assistance of Rs. 25 lakhs to their dependent family in case of death of infected employee / officers while on duty

Per Wali shri Your child has not been able to come to school for the last one year to escape the horrible form of the terrible disease. Our school has fallen asleep without your petals. Sitting in the school grounds today, I heard the voice of a child and my eyes sparkled, where these vases hid from morning till evening. 

But don't worry sir. Nothing is forever. Tomorrow morning will come and the golden sun will rise again. We will meet again. We will defeat this invisible enemy and again we will be victorious. Until then, teach your child at home that we are not the only owner of this earth. Teach that every living thing on earth has the right to live independently, whether we are a doctor or an engineer or a big businessman, but if we do not become a good son, father, husband, brother, friend or a good citizen The dust will be gone. We know that your child's education is deteriorating but don't worry. 

We will be able to organize a few letters of the alphabet and a few numbers. We will be able to speak fluently, but teach us how to use the words and numbers we have learned in life. Show the saved diapers that the life of a man starts from here and if you have time, go to the crematorium and show the white cloth lying there and say that this is the last address of the son. The diaper of a man's birth has grown as big as his, but son, you do not hurt the life of an innocent person in the guise of being overweight.

As soon as your parents come to school, I will teach your child about onion cells, but as long as you have them, visit him on a farm, show him the real onion plant, tell him that it does not have a tree, and yes, I will teach him about the various plants in the book. Show her the real vegetation, cultivate the trees and preserve the environment in her and tell her how many people are dying right now due to lack of oxygen from these trees. 

Say a little emotion in her saying … also teach her that our soldiers protect our borders And there is an enemy, so he can be killed, but these invisible enemies cannot be seen in your country and they are making your country hollow from within, but with your education and rites, do good to your society and country. If the guardian picks up the pen, I will teach him, but when the time comes to defend this country, give him the courage to take up arms … and if none of this happens, tell him the stories of the best heroes as long as your child is at home … It is also a great service to the country

Rona is the principle of karma. There is no giver of happiness and sorrow. We are happy. We are sad because of you. Because of our karma, because of our nature, because of our destiny, because of our destiny, there was a king or a mantra. Who called the big sacks and the good ones in the garden I have to sell to the public You have only one thought Raj has to see the whole so the fallen tooth has taken everything like that so God has given me a hand so that no one can be happy So the hair grows on the trees, nice hair, good, sweet, sweet, this is the only thing to eat. Two days later, the good started. 

The king called the soldiers with applause. The police came. My country and people have to take you out after a month. If we bring that land, then the question in our life is who is happy for a month and who is unhappy, where do we give it to the king? It seems that the king has done injustice or injustice to someone. And happiness happened in life Inside, I was told that if you want to take me to your own home, if no one feels bad, if everyone feels good, then this principle of karma can be seen. It's a nice thing to write. Do tricks in life, but you get it according to your teeth. It will give the same fruit as your teeth. So don't blame God that I am miserable. In this way God is the king of us all. This bodily form has given me a sack to all of you. 

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This is a nice fun garden of the world. It was four to five from morning to evening so that we can eat our good fruit even in this coming birth. Benefit and we are not happy